Thursday, 18 October 2012

Turn your day around

Like everything else in life, there are good days and there are not-so-good days. While I have already talked about how can you light up some one else's day, there is a fair chance that no one around is able to lift your day up (or worse still, is even aware that you are having a bad day). What can you do when you have no one to make you feel better? Don't do nothing. Take it on yourself to make it a better day. 
  • Wear brighter shades such as yellow, orange, red and pink to look happier as wearing a dull color will only pull you further down.
  • Listen to some peppy music as music is an instant mood booster.
  • Tongue tingling food actually is a mood buster, and can help you forget your troubles instantly.
  • Stick a smile, even when the inside feels all grey. Eventually, in only a couple of minutes, you'll feel much better.
  • Connect with people around you - any topic, any useless chatter, would let you concentrate on them, making your self and associated troubles smaller or insignificant.
  • Make water your tonic and make up your friend, specially for a low day. Water simulates the brain, thus washing away a fair bit of negative thoughts. Makeup will make you feel prettier. Same as point #1.

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