Thursday, 6 September 2012

Nailpaints you shouldn't (can't for many) live without

  • Deep red for the evening look - does not seem odd with anything ever 
  • French nail paint (the basic nude and white) when you want to give the I-know-what-works impression in a new professional tryst 
  • Nude metallic work well for the office in case French nail paint fails to satiate you
  • Bright colors that make you happy for weekends and vacations. I have bright hues in the peach and pink family because you cannot go wrong with them. Someone more more experimental could go with chirpy neon.
  • Brown&Beige family when you know what you have ahead is a busy work week that won't allow you to mend your paint
  • Transparent shimmer to depend on when you wish to ready your toes for a party

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