Saturday, 13 October 2012

Keep you Wallet Clean

How many of you have encountered the situation when your wallet falls down, slipping away everything outside, giving the world a chance to witness your  unorganized ways. I have. Some five years ago. And it is one of the most awkward situations to be in, specially if you are at work and surrounded with seniors, or elsewhere with the elders of the family. Or worse still, if you are with someone new.

To save you from all the said and unsaid emotions that such a situation may bring, here is my list of things you can do to keep a clean wallet - 
  • Many people I know do not accept soiled notes. While this option may not be always available, it is better to spend the soiled notes first, because they are anyways going to grow fragile by the hour, resting inside.
  • Keep the coins separately, that's what the little zipped compartment is for. If your wallet does not have this wonder pocket, investing in a coin bag is a good idea.
  • Wallet is for money - scrapbooks are for pictures. Remember this simple rule. Do not make your wallet a family album by storing old pictures in it. Now, with today's smartphones, this one should not be difficult to achieve when you can store so many pictures on your phone.
  • Keep only the cards that you use. It is safer too. Shopping cards can be kept in a separate cards pocket, and carried only when need be.
  • Sort the bill receipts on a weekly basis. Nine out of ten people stuff all kind of papers into the wallet - ATM receipts, parking tickets, food bills. While it may be the most natural thing to do, sort them once a week to throw away the ones you'd never need again, and file the ones that you would. This will also ensure that you will find them on a later date, in a readable state.

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