Monday, 15 October 2012

Handling a Breakup without breaking down your Life

Given that I am in my late 20s already, I do acknowledge that this post may be coming a late in the day. Most people know how to deal with such unexpected throws of life by their twenty fifth birthday. However, no one can deny that the wisest, the smartest, the coolest people (men, included!) transform into the worst of their avatars when it comes to dealing with a life post a breakup. After all, moving on is not an easy task, and actually takes a lot of effort.
  • Rule number One is to disconnect from your ex  absolutely. Staying 'friends' seldom works and even if it does, comes with a lot of baggage. Cutting off in today's times can mean a lot of work. It is best to block them - from all social accounts, your email box, your phone list ( BBM, and What's App too). You will take twice as much time to move on in case you do not. Trust me, you will. 
  • Rule number Two is to find yourself some new places to hang out with. Our thoughts have a strange way of weaving the net, and you will never really stop missing the person if you keep frequenting the same places you did as a couple. At least for a while, you need to strictly avoid the places that know you and the ex as one.
  • A fresh hairdo (or a new adornment like a tattoo or a piercing) is Not over-rated, and can really work to make you concentrate on your self for the time being rather than your ex. 
  • Physical activity can help bring in some positivity to the crumpled heart. Gym, Swim, Dance - whatever is your calling. You can end up making some new friends too.
  • There are bound to activities (such as reading, playing games) which you would have left behind for the lack of time which a relationship demands - picking those up can be a good idea.
  • Connect with friends and family - make actual effort to rebuild old associations and new friends.
There is a group on Facebook named "He's just not that into you" (yeah, after the movie). Its tremendous fan following by women of all age groups has been a strong motivation for me to write this post.

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