Saturday, 6 October 2012

Why OMG is totally OMG!

  • A simple plot which remains centered throughout, it showcases a man questioning beliefs (rather misbeliefs) around religion in today's society. A welcome change from the usual boy-girl thing which sits at the heart of Indian cinema. 
  • After long has a movie come which will make you laugh without using visual or verbal vulgarity. Its high time a lesson is learnt. Standing ovation to Parish Rawal for his work, and dialogue delivery. An absolute ZERO skin show makes it a comfortable watch in any company.
  • Highlights how religious leaders have made religion one of the most prosperous professions in the country. Also conveys that such leaders thrive and rise due to people's baseless fears, and it is an addiction in the name of devotion.
  • Portrays all religions alike, the teachings in each similar and equally great, and emphasizes that we are all essentially human beings first, and a certain section later. Brings forward some bitter truths to which eyes have been closed to too long now. A glass of milk poured over idols would be better used to feed the hungry. The movie says that God does not want people to spend money on him, but practice his teachings in daily life. Claims that God is not in a single place of worship, but in every human being. That God is your friend, and not your father.
  • Showcases important moral values like planning against risk, fighting for your rights, and sticking to your beliefs when everyone but you has little faith in the outcome. Emphasizes that God or religion can only show you the way, the journey is still for you to make and cover.
  • So much woven around an interesting court case of Man against God, what could be more innovative. 
Well, well, well. Can I say it anymore that I don't do movies at the cinema? I guess not. Box office addict or whatever, I think OMG is one of the best movies I have seen from this year and last. Loved every bit of it, in totality too.

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