Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Side effects of the Wedding Season

The Wedding season in India and I have a lover's quarrel. While I would miss out on the zing weddings bring to life's otherwise mundane routine, there are many other side effects which are very tough to put up with. Here is a look at each of them, one at a time.
  • To get a Salon appointment is an achievement
  • And so is getting your laundry from the dry cleaner on time
  • Higher car spend  - sum of both fuel and car washes
  • No Much lesser Me-time, thanks to the amount of preparation that attending a wedding takes
Is there any other way in which the Wedding season gets on your nerves. Share with me how. 


  1. One of the biggest side effect..each one in your extended family, read as relatives, will remind you.."ab toh tumahra nnumber hai" with a grin that wud make u think, if only you can punch through those teeth..

  2. Mayank - Could I agree more. And trust me, once marriage comes along, it will be kids. lol.


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