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AllThingsSixx has branched out of a simple idea.

It is information about matters that make up our lives, most of which goes undocumented day after day. 

Information which in some small way, aims to simplify life and living. 

Information to make it more beautiful,  may be interesting too. 

Make life smell different, like the cinnamon flavor on your favorite coffee.

The author, Bini lives in New Delhi, India.

She works for a living, and is passionate to learn, thus continually improve, be creative in little everyday things and writing. 

She uses this blog to share her passion with the rest of the world.

As you may have guessed, she doesn't blog under her real name. It is a way to fulfill a small dream that reads How I wish my name was Bini. You can mail her or connect with her on Facebook/Twitter/Google+.

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