Monday, 8 October 2012

Questions?! – Run, for your life.

Have you ever been bombarded with questions? Questions to which there are no correct answers? Questions which are repeated so often that they now make you sick in the stomach? Or better still, yawn? Questions that, answered or unanswered, will make no difference in anyone’s life? Questions such as these?
  •  What’s new? Dear known, my life is no Sitcom. It is an average life - I work for a living, have a family and some friends, domestic chores to complete, social obligations to meet with, and some personal time in which I tend to my mind and body. In a day’s routine, nothing changes too often (Thanks God for that). And being stuck in a jam or watching a new movie does not make breaking news. Please ask me “how are you instead”. Sounds much more personal, mannered too.

  • When is the good news? Now, getting a great job or buying a new car is not good enough news. It has to Always be “getting married” for poor single souls (like me) or pushing out a pooper in case it were a couple. People, get a life. No one exchanges the wedding wows, or bears a baby without the world knowing. You Will know when it happens. 

  • Is your office nine to six? The voice in my head politely - Oh yes, it is. Did I mention about this Superman/Superwoman Cape I was born with? It lets me take off from my office terrace to land right at my house, in ten minutes straight. Traffic, what’s that?

  • Do you drink? Time has taught me that this question is best left answered. 99 percent of the times, the person asking such a question has already decided whether you do or you don’t. And answering any which way will not make them change their opinion. Why bother to answer. 
  • What’s the weekend plan? Playing maid, folks, playing maid. And if the maid is being kind for a change, playing driver. 

  • Where did you buy this? Once upon a time, there was a simpleton (aka Me) who would tell the exact place, time and price of the buy. But then, comments followed. Oh, you go that far for just shopping. It is not rightly priced. It is not classy. Oh, it does not look so old (thereby calling me of liar). And thus, the simpleton in me died, and I moved on to “I don’t remember.” Never fails me. Finishes the topic there and then.


  1. MUST say this one is MAST :)

    actually, i myself hv expreienced a few of the above n can so relate to them..and certainly to the crazy replies that come to the mind on such questions :)

    good one..superlike :)

  2. Thank you Mayank! So happy to know there are others like me. ;-)


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