Monday, 3 December 2012

Dismiss the Greys

My day today did not really kick-start, and I took the complete morning to let the grey clouds to finally move past my mind. December always does this to me, makes me feel like I am not doing enough in life, not going at the right pace with it, and not acting to the best of my potential. I am not even sure if any of it really is true or is it just the fear of time slipping out and another year passing by.

What got me out of my trance is something good, though. A simple sentence, which just lifted my spirits. 

Something close to this -

Someone else - "Do you miss being with someone?"
My friend - "Oh yes, I do. Just like I miss taking exotic yearly vacations, not having a restaurant of my own, or even winning the Olympics in weight lifting category"

Well put, I must say. 

You cannot let life pass by, waiting for something wonderful to happen to you. Instead, you have to live it to the fullest despite all the deltas. May be everything in Life is not for you. Should that stop you from making the journey worthwhile? I guess not.

Coming to the post of the day, which I have not yet started. I am losing just a bit of motivation for writing for the lack of feedback on this blog. I mean, hardly anyone is commenting, liking or even criticizing this space or its contents. Come on people, I know you are visiting. (Thanks to Blogger stats). Won't it be kind to leave a comment, or say a Hi on Facebook. Rather than just coming in, staying for a minute and silently saying ta-da. I really would understand even if you have no kind things to say to my baby (AllThingsSixx), but please, please speak up.

Now, moving on to the Sixx things for the day, since this has been a largely personal post so far, I would disclose you some secrets about myself. On how I lift my spirits on days when God does not make me read any of the inspiring text like the one above. 
  • Put on some perfume - yes, may be the most expensive one in your collection. No one deserves it more than you today. By the way, putting on red or fuchsia lip color has the same effect.
  • Listen to your favorite music, may the one that can make you think of brighter things or days.
  • Food is my savior on such days. Ditch the rules, and eat all the yummy things that you can manage until there is no room for more. If you are not into eating so much, then cooking is the next best thing. Cooking, as the wise say, is therapeutic.
  • Call up anyone you do not feel close to and get them to talk - about the weather, about their domestic help, about the latest trends, about movies. Anything impersonal, basically.
  • Watch reality television, just for the senselessness of it.
  • Take on house chores. Get it in order, clean the hidden corners, DIY some art.


  1. Don't lose motivation. Write because you want to, not have to. Cheers!

  2. ... And I think I know this 'friend' you mentioned! :)

  3. Amazing blog and very interesting stuff you got here! I definitely learned a lot from reading through some of your earlier posts as well and decided to drop a comment on this one!


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