Sunday, 14 October 2012

Pleasures of Life

Oscar Wilde knew it all when he said “I adore simple pleasures. They are the last refuge of the complex.
  • Travel: I would most certainly die if I stuck in one place all my life. A lot of people go by life without having set foot outside their city. They don’t have any idea what they have been missing out on. Seeing new places, getting to know exotic cultures, experiencing something breathtaking is what makes you appreciate your life even more. It broadens the horizons and opens up newer perspectives.
  • Books: Each book is a door that opens a whole new world where one can escape all the problems and complexities of everyday life. One has a chance to also pick up wisdom and sometimes even answers that one is seeking to in books. Over the years, books have been good friends to me on planes, trains and every other odd place where I would otherwise have felt alone. Life they say, books are your best friends.
  •  Music: Soothing music has many positive effects such as calming one down, bringing happy thoughts and memories to resurface. Fast track music with its hypnotic beats brings one into a frenzy where one release energy by just swinging to the rhythm.
  • Food: If you have met me, you know that I am a foodaholic! And I definitely don’t recommend becoming one. But enjoying good food with good company or cooking food to entertain is therapeutic. One drifts away in the aroma, the tongues tingle and there is a direct connection from our taste buds to our heart. 
  • Tea: A good tea can make you feel warm and cozy when the weather is grey, or the heart needs some soothing.
  •  Sitcoms: After a long day of work, flipping channels on the television is simply too disturbing as I am then caught unaware by something that I wasn’t prepared to see or hear. It leaves me even more unsettled. A good sitcom, is a story that develops with characters that I have come to know closely. The relaxation that comes from laughing and crying with characters that you will then soon forget helps one’s emotions breathe. Some see it as mindless television, but it is a sure way to help you relax.

Combine travel with books and music, and sitcoms with tea and food, to make it a good life! I personally can forgo expensive clothes, makeup, even a good glass of wine to buy myself vacations or simply a good book. The point is not hoarding material things but taking pleasure in experiences that are going to stay inside for a long time. 

Today's Guest Post is brought to you by my childhood friend Roma. Roma believes in living life to the fullest, testing all its colors, and that is what she tells you all in her post too. She is a Journalist, and lives in Bonn, Germany.

Every Sunday, the forum is open for you all to share your views to the rest of the world through this blog. The arena is unlimited, the theme similar - anything that touches you, and can help someone else, in six points should make up a post. 

I will look forward to your emails to keep the guest series going.


  1. delphine elisabethMonday, October 15, 2012

    nice! Travel all the way!!!

  2. Hello Delphine! Welcome to AllThingsSixx! :) Keep visiting. You can find me on Facebook( and Twitter (AllThingsSixx).


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