Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Facebook Anonymous

There is this joke, about re-habitation centers which will cure you of Facebook addiction. Now, I do not know if such a center exists. However, the possibility of the need of something similar cannot be ruled out. One of my friends calls it a time-waste experience. There are some people who try and estimate how much time is the world wasting on a platform which offers nothing constructive. If you agree even partially to any of the above thoughts or have similar views on Social Networking, and wish to seriously help yourself or some one you know, this is the list of steps you can take to initially limit and finally give up Facebook from the wonderful phenomenon of Life. 
  • First things First - Uninstall the phone application. Period. Yes, No more Facebook as a means to escape the situation of being in the elevator, or in a traffic situation. A phone is a phone is a phone - and not a Facebook device.
  • Allot a set amount of time for Social Networking  - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter included. One hour over the weekend may be. 
  • Zero down how many REAL friends you have on your network and inform them of your goal so that you can be in touch by alternate means.
  • Follow the Newspaper religiously to know about happenings and events which you otherwise would know via Facebook.
  • Appreciate the power of Now and be Present in whatever you are doing to reduce the urge to constantly inform everyone you know.
  • Be content with your Life without constantly feeling the need to show off to the World.


  1. I absolutely agree with the last point here, even if you are not so ardently following the other 5 above...

    I think the most irritable feature of FB is where I get to see the way people try to show off...by senseless status updates, or sham check-ins to some fancy place (or not!!), or some gawk invoking picture! It's become a platform for attention seekers, and what a pity on those who actually give attention to such seekers!

    I'm not sure if FB ever had a set of clearly defined purposes, but I would imagine "to stay in touch" to be one of the purposes. And for that, I write on someone's wall, or send a message. What a shocker...none of those have anything to do show off!

    - VKS.

  2. Welcome to AllThingsSixx, VKS. I am glad you visited. :-)

    Now for the post, I could not agree more that FB, more other than a medium of networking and keeping in touch, has become a showcase of life and lifestyle.


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