Thursday, 13 September 2012

show your Eyes some love

  • Wash your eyes with a lot of water twice a day - when the day starts, and ends
  • Always use genuine eye makeup, and Do Not Forget to remove all of it diligently before you hit the sack. 
  • Put in a drop of honey in your eyes at night - follow this up with a complete eye wash. This is a tried and tested home remedy that results in clearer, cleaner eyes, a congestion free ENT system, and a sharper eye sight.  
  • Slice a potato to cover your eye socket once a week - this goes a long way to reduce crow's feet
  • Inverted tea spoon, cooled or frozen can be kept on each eye to instantly reduce stress.
  • Other than getting your daily beauty sleep, making red your best friend when it comes to fruits and veggies (which is papaya, beetroot, rich Vitamin A sources) aid in healthier eyes.

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