Tuesday, 11 September 2012

How you can catch up on NEWS

  • Browse the e Newspaper on your laptop for 5 minutes everyday during lunch or the the digital edition on your phone when stuck in the traffic.  
  • Tune in to hourly news on radio while driving.
  • Read the newspaper with the evening tea after getting home. 
  • Check your social networking feed. I am quite sure one out of your 100 something friends will share it in case a slice of news needs your utmost attention 
  • Listen to news over food. (Not my choice, but it is still an option, specially when you are eating by yourself)
  • Catching up on news with colleagues, family or friends is good-to-do when you have a super busy day at work.
One of the strongest habits, yet the most difficult ones to inculcate (more so for women, I think, with a silent voice asking me, are you a sexist?!), it is imperative to know what is happening around in North-East-West-South (aka NEWS).

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