Monday, 24 September 2012

Barfee or Heroine... the choice is easy - Both.

Those who know me in real life know that I am not a regular box office follower. I do One (yes, you read it right, ONE) movie per year at the Cinema hall, the rest (no, I don't watch it online  - pro anti-piracy), I wait for them to play on the good old television, and watch it in the comfort of my home, usually on Saturday afternoons. (whateverr! That's Me.) Yes, I watched The Dirty Picture only last weekend, once its television broadcast was approved. Just in case you are interested, I did not find it that great.

This year has caught me by surprise because Barfee is my  fourth  movie at the cinema, and did you think I will make it for Barfee and miss Heroine? Well! I hope not. 

Both the movies are poles apart, and yet, I think they are a must watch - here is why!

  •  Barfee will take you to the quiet eastern India, Heroine will bring you back to the fast pace of cities most of us live in.
  • Ranbeer Kapoor is brilliant with his Raj Kapoor act, leaving no room to miss his voice.  Arjun Rampal and Randeep Hooda ( I have a crush on both, but I will be partial towards Arjun) provide ample eye treat, accompanied with great screen presence, and power packed performance.
  • Priyanka looks adorable in her knee length skirts and peter pan tops, with her short curls adding character. But you would not want to miss Kareena's halkat jawani (read naughty youth). I can say I may not find her so pretty, but she indeed is Very glamorous, and seems like just right for this role. 
  • Barfee is a fresh story, like a just-out-of-the-oven cake. The element of unpredictability stays for more than half the movie. The end is story like, picture perfect sweet. Heroine is its director's niche, his reality cinema, ending painfully but with a strong message.
  • Barfee is a fairy tale romance, it will move you with its poignancy. Heroine is crude reality, will hit at a nerve we all strive to hide.
  • Bollywood without music tastes bland (like pasta sauteed in water, oh yeah, my food is my first love) - both the movies have an excellent soundtrack.

This is my review of both the movies, what's your take? Did you like either, or both?

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