Saturday, 8 September 2012

Baby steps to a Smaller Carbon Print

  • Take the public transport once in a while - if not everyday. Once a week, thrice a month, on all other-than-work outings. Try and incorporate public transport in teeny-weeny bits. 
  • Switch off the lights as you spare the room. We all like lighted places, but do we need the entire house lighted when all we are doing is having family time in the living room. Guess not. 
  • Lessen the use of paper, where ever you can - more of it here.  
  • Turn the ignition off for your car when stuck in traffic.  
  • Save the battery life for your devices - put laptops in sleep mode for 10 minutes of inactivity, disable WiFi from your phones when not in use, switch off your iDevices (iPad/iPod et al) instead of only locking them away. 
  • Remember to power off your electrical devices and plug them out of the socket post use.

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