Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Strengthen a Resume

  • To have your name and contact on the footer of each page - helps if someone was to print your resume and misplace the loose sheets in parts. 
  • Start with the strengths - be it your education, skill set or the brand you wish to highlight, always structure your resume to showcase your strengths in the first half. - the simpler things like initiatives, and personal info should be reserved for the end.
  • Refrain from putting any confidential information like your passport numer or your salary details in the profile - since most resumes are uploaded online, it is better to include information in a descriptive yet non disclosing manner. e.g. - Passport - Available instead of Passport number X-XXX-XXXX.
  • Use lots of keywords for your profile - depending on the target job, your profile should include nouns and verbs which are prominent. Eg - In IT Support, words like administration, deployment, documentation may come handy. Most engines would zero down on your resume depending on the presence of certain domain specific keywords.
  • Always use professional font of uniform size with no bold or underlined facets. Arial, times new roman, Verdana and Georgia work best.
  • Once complete, always give it a second look at the complete resume on computer screen with narrowed eyes and in print to make sure it neither looks too light or too overwhelming.

Some of the most important tasks are mundane, and however much we may try, it is easy to give up on a resume when it is still not in the best of shapes. After all,

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