Sunday, 9 September 2012

Healthy habits that will run long distance

  • End your day with a glass full of warm water
  • Brush your teeth twice a day - if at all time is a constraint and once is what you can manage, make it at night, and only mouth wash it in the morning. This is what all my dentists preach and repeat on each of my visits. 
  • Snack on fruits - seasonal, dried. Such snacking would not only bring in the benefits of fruits but also help you cut on the off the shelf snacking options like biscuits, pretzels etc. 
  • Replace at least two cups of tea or coffee with water. In case plain water tastes mundane or medicine like, flavor it up with some dips of herbal tea. Green tea helps boost metabolism and reduce stress, but there are other milder flavors like Jasmine and Rose available in the market too. 
  • Like the grandma said, have breakfast like a king, lunch like the working class man, and dine like a beggar. Eating at or just after twilight helps. I always try and wrap my meals up latest by half past eight.
  • Have one squeezed out lemon everyday - Vitamin C is the most significant nutrient in building up immunity, and brings along multiple benefits to build on good health.

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