Sunday, 18 November 2012

Surprises, all the way.

As I switch off all the other lights and sink into my bed with the laptop on my lap, I realize tomorrow is Sunday. It saddens me a little that till now, no guest post has arrived. But this being the Deepawali week in India, I think it is understandable that people are busy. And I did not want to bother my friends to write me one amidst the festivities, though I know at least a couple of them would have helped me out had I pestered them even a bit.

So I thought, let me write a personal post today. Through which you will know a bit about me. Since I anyways don't talk on this blog much at a personal level, it would be a guest-entry of its own kind. What do you say to that? Fair enough?

Sixx of the awesome surprises of the pleasant kind that God Life has given me in last few years.  
  • October 2009, it was one of 'those' days. You know the kind when all you want to do is feel terribly exhausted, drown in self pity, question existence, alienate friends and family- basically be a totally shitty version of yourself. Sorry to paint such a miserable picture, but I hope you get the idea. At moments such as these, it is very natural for me to start to cry, specially when I am driving (may be because driving time is my me-time). And that day, as I cried in my car, I suddenly looked in the sky and yelled (like Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty) "God! After such testing months, the least you can do is get some travel plans for me." Lo! The very next day, out of nowhere, and I really mean it when I say out of nowhere, the onshore project partners sent me an email invite to visit them in Texas for six weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. What better travel plans could I dream of but an all expenses paid work trip in the other half of the world amidst their festive season.
  • July 2010, after giving about four grueling technical rounds during an interview (all of which, according to me, which had gone very well), the HR contact informed me that I have been dropped. I cried my heart out the whole of evening, more so because I thought I had done really well. Couple of days later, the company called back apologizing for the miscommunication, and told me tat my offer was in progress.

  • March 2011, I was meeting this person over coffee after a hiatus of two years. For the lack of conversation topics, I told him that I have invested in a HP Mini the day before. It was just the time when the tablet market was experiencing the high tide. He, like many others, ridiculed me for not picking the In thing. I smiled, salvaging my bruised ego, and answered that I am hoping to be gifted an iPad soon. Not many months later, one of my uncles, totally unaware of any of the above, was kind enough to gift me a brand new iPad2 on Deepawali. Life, sure, has its own sweet ways.
  • September 2011, I was still at work when suddenly I felt my BlackBerry warming up. In a couple of minutes, it became too-hot-to-handle (not just figuratively, but actually) and then just switched off on its own. As I sent it back to the service center for diagnosis and repair, the company replaced it with a new boxed set. A brand new replacement for a two year old phone. I was impressed, happy.
  • April 2012, I had been worrying a lot for not being regular with wearing glasses. Finally, I decided to give my optician a visit. As he checked my vision, he surprisingly announced I no more needed specs, and that my eyesight had returned to normal. Can you believe it? I could not for quiet some time. 
  • October 2012, I was taking a walk in my neighborhood. It is very tough for me to decide whether it was out of impulse or intuition that I walked into this very small branch of a National Bank, and casually asked if they had a vault available for lease. And Yes, they did. If you stay in India, and especially in a metro, you would know what a big deal it is with the rising population. My application for a vault in my regular bank is still in queue, and has moved from #162 to only #149 in last three years. And I got this vault on the same day I decided to inquire about it.
Has Life surprised you in some way? Share your memories with me.


  1. Amazing instances..expressed amazing post and i'd rate this one a bit higher than the usual all things sixx posts cuz i prefer some wordy stuff than just this is like a beautiful piece..


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