Monday, 26 November 2012

Life of Pi

Having read Life of Pi exactly two years ago, I have waited for the movie to release as soon as I learnt it is being made, and boy, am I impressed.
  • Direction is crisp, the pace is just right. Neither rushed nor slow, at any point. Depiction of Pondicherry, India, especially the opening of the movie is very warm.
  • All the actors have done an outstanding job. I am in love with both Irrfaan Khan and Suraj Sharma at the same time. Tabu reinstates that Hollywood is where she truly belongs. Adil Khan depicts an Indian male and father is true colors as Pi''s dad. His performance is powerful, and moving.
  • Movies made out of Books more often than not loose out what the author intended to put across but Ang Lee surprises you. Every important event and emotion conveyed in the book is put across in the movie - visuals, dialogues (though minimalistic) and performances all come together to bring out the text alive. 
  • Two instances from the book were not present in the movie, and I was just a little bit disappointed there because I could not wait to see how would the director depict those. Not sure why he omitted them?  Trivia : for those who have read the book, can you remember which of the two were those?
  • Much of text has been expressed concisely. Like the emergency in India from back in the 70s announced on radio. The character of Pi is also given ample time to build, and relate to.
  • Some of the scenes may come across as gross, specially for herbivores like me. Some amount of flesh and blood and carnivorous-kind-of -things are depicted. But that is expected from a movie with a Bengal tiger, right?

Life of Pi is a must watch.  

The book had become one of the best books I had ever laid my hands on. Personally, the movie too has made its way to be one that I know I will watch time, and again.

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