Sunday, 4 November 2012

Satyamev Jayate, and 13 weeks hence.

Its been exactly 13 weeks since the last episode of Satyamev Jayate (translation - Truth Alone Triumphs) aired on television on August 4, 2012. Looked up as one of the most promising programs ever targeting to bring a change taking up  13 issues in 13 weeks, here we are 13 weeks after the show actually came to a close. The question before us, now, is, that if we are all reminded so many times of the issues paralyzing our society , what makes us still not fight them?

Who can fight the system – We are people, who are either too shy or too scared to stand out against the system. In the current conditions, the fear factor is quite natural. But we need to realize, that the problem is fewer people compared to issues. The day we have more people fighting issues than the number of issues, we’ll be a better nation.

No time for the Country– With inflation and thus the cost of living increasing by the day, we’re too occupied accumulating the basic needs for our family that we are left with little time to ponder or worry about the issues prevailing in the country.

Be the change – Hypocrisy has its roots deep within us all. Okay, let me be a bit more reasonable, at least 70 percent of us are plagued with double standards. While we want the best for ourselves, are we actually giving it back? From the simplest things such as while you expect a clean city around you do you really make an effort not to litter the place around you to while you expect your daughter to be treated well by in-laws, how well do you treat your daughter-in-law.  So basically we need to revisit what Mr. Gandhi had to say – “Be the change you want to see”

Not exercising our right to Vote - Most of the people I know, don’t exercise their right to vote. Reason- “Sab hi chor hain, kya farak padta hai kaun jeete”. We need to act a bit more responsibly and screen the profiles of people nominated from our constituency. I am sure, you will find at least one candidate worthy to be elected.

Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s a curse – While Thomas Gray asserted “ignorance is bliss”, the fact is that ignorance and illiteracy is one of the biggest reasons for our country lagging behind. What can you say of a nation where people blame “Chowmein” for increasing rapes in a state rather than curbing the issue.

Lack of Patriotism – While most of the readers would disagree from this, but trust me we aren’t patriotic. Patriotism isn’t just about standing straight up to the National Anthem or listening to a few songs on the eve of Republic or Independence day. It is something to be observed each day. Patriotism is not always about bringing a big change. If you are making a difference in the life of one more fellow Indian to make it better in whichever way, you are Patriotic. Are You??

While I understand, that this post like 13 episodes of Satyamev Jayate and many other articles/programs may make no difference, but a little ray of hope that I have in my heart is that at least one reader of this post pledge to bring about some change. Again it can be as little a promise that “Never ever again, will I litter my city”.


Today's guest post is brought to you by my friend Mayank. You guys have met before too, here.

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