Wednesday, 5 December 2012

'Job Interview' Reference Guide

I was having a tough day today, and thought would publish one of those posts that I have written in advance for days such as these. And then, I checked the calendar, to realize that today is Wednesday, and no other but Work could go today. So yes, a little less enthusiasm and more of a home-work-feeling is what I am feeling as I type.

So whether you are appearing for campus, or heading for an interview for your next switch, here are quick pointers of what you must always keep in mind.

  • Dress for Success, because as everyone knows, the opposite person makes your first impression in the first three seconds of when he sees you, and you sure wish to make that first imprint sharp enough.
  • Be on time, no matter what. No one would like to wait for conducting an interview. In case the reasons are unavoidable, make sure you call and clearly communicate that you are delayed. Mention the approximate time of arrival too, so that the other side can re-plan accordingly.
  • Sit straight throughout, even when waiting for the interview to start. Everyone wants to see smart, attentive employees at work. A slouchy posture would make you look lazy, and that is not what they wish to hire you for.
  • Behave sharply on the way - while you park your car, in the elevator, at the reception. You never know who may notice you, and gather an image.
  • Always have a spare Resume copy and a  pen with you. Makes you look prepared.
  • Do your homework before arriving. About the profile, about the company, about the hiring process. This reflects on your interest, and goes to show that you are keen on taking up the job.


  1. Good pointers !! Nice to keep in mind.

    Loving your blog so followed you !

    Hope you can come visit ours sometime.

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

  2. very informative post for me as I am always looking for new content that can help me and my knowledge grow better.


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