Sunday, 2 December 2012

Better your Shopping Spree

We have talked of sale time blunders to watch out for earlier on AllThingsSixx. But of course, we all know that Sale is not what lasts all twelve months. It is Shopping that does. And that is one exercise, we all, at all points, think about optimizing. To make the most out of it, get everything we would like to while still staying in budget.
  • Make a shopping budget. Depending on your shopping habits, break it up into weekly, fortnightly or monthly amount and stick to it. I usually use my phone to key down whatever I spend and reduce it from my budget for the fortnight.
  • Rely on different places for different kinds of items you usually shop for. Within the same city, there is bound to be a mix of expensive and not-so-expensive outlets or markets. Try and mix them both by relying on different places for different kind of clothes. I usually buy my flats from all over the place, but stick to the shop whose make fits me the best for high heels. Get the idea?!
  • Buy basic items like lingerie- tights- tanks etc. at Sale. More or less, there is nothing like trend in this area, and sooner or later, you would need these. So why not make the hay while sun shines, that is, shop for it when the sale is on.
  • Mix both expensive and inexpensive buying in one trip, so that there is room for more in your next one. Mix expensive items like bag, with lesser expensive items like scarves, accessories etc.
  • Look for deals on make-up products, which is almost always the case, even if it is not advertised. Try and haggle, (yes, even on  the most expensive product stores), and you would end up getting makeup brushes, kitties, nail paints, or foot creams for free.
  • Be proactive and look around for options in advance specially for items you know you will wear only once or twice like wedding wear or that white business suit which you indeed would wear only once a year.

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